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About Us

We figured out that people wanted inexpensive Santa suits long before all the others jumped in.  This has allowed us to work with our factories to develop a better quality run or crawl type of Santa suit for the money.

We have everything from cheap "lasts one day if you get crazy" suits to nice suits that will last for several years and will make you look better than the rest.

We like to also focus on the mid range suits where you will get a suit that will last for many wearings while still being sold at a great price.

Check out our sale items as well.  We sometimes buy out companies when they have had an overstock.  We get the suits at a great price and pass the savings along to you.

We also offer group packages.  If you and your friends are going to an event, it will be way cheaper to by a multi-pack of suits here, than buying them one at a time elsewhere.

So whether you are going to a 5K, a crawl, Santacon, Santarchy, Running of the Santas, or some other casual Santa event, you will find that this is the best place to get your Santa gear.